Our Family Brand Story

One of the very first things I did with my step kids, as part of our family time outings was to take them fishing.

Through my passion for fishing and my love for them, fishing quickly became an activity that they anticipated and requested often. From then on it was essential that I had fishing rods and equipment with us on every road trip. Anytime they spotted the ocean, a lake, a river, or any body of water, their eyes would widen and with excited voices they would beg me to stop and for us to go fishing for a while. I was always more than happy to comply. As we continued to fish and bond together as a family, they wanted to dress the part too but we quickly discovered there was a very limited selection of children’s fishing attire. They didn’t like the little they found & when we did find something that the kids liked, it was far from budget friendly.

As an entrepreneurial family we discussed the dilemma. It sparked an idea and “Dead Fish Hook” was born. A fun, budget friendly line of fishing attire that parents and kids could both get behind.

In the beginning it was a cute little thing that the family and I could share but as our idea bank began to overflow, we enlisted the help of some computer savvy friends and that’s when the brand really took off. 

We committed to really do this, and doing it big – so that we could all enjoy our designs and apparel but also so that other families could shop and of course fish together.

Now there isn’t a day that passes without the kids adding to the idea and designs list, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope that Dead Fish Hook can help bring other families together, bond them through fishing and nature as well as provide endless hours of family connection as it has done for my little family.